Four MIC students walking across the playing field. Two are in MIC branded hoodies.

Welcome to our CAO Hub!

Here you'll find everything you need to know about student life at our campuses located in Limerick City and Thurles Town.

Explore our CAO Hub and learn all about our undergraduate degree programmes in Drama and English, English Language and Literature, Psychology, Primary and Post-Primary Teaching, Liberal Arts, and Early Childhood Education.

Student Retention Rate

Students who come to study at MIC tend to stay for the duration of their programmes, indicating a high-quality student experience and satisfaction level.

Entrance Scholarships

MIC offers up to 50 entrance scholarships per annum, spread across all of MIC's undergraduate programmes. These scholarships, valued at €2,000 each, are awarded on the basis of points achieved in the Leaving Certificate.

Sports Schemes

MIC offers two sports schemes open to all CAO applicants: the Elite Sports scholarship scheme consists of five different scholarships and the CAO Points Concession Sports Scheme reserves up to 10 places across all undergraduate programmes for outstanding sporting candidates.

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A group of female and male students standing in front of a goal post on a sunny day holding hurls, footballs and hockey sticks
MIC has a proud sporting history with students representing club, county & country in lots of sports
A female and male student are pictured talking to each other as they exit through a large gate. In the background is a large 19th century building and a blue sky.
The Limerick campus is located a short walk from the social & cultural buzz of Limerick City centre
In the background of the image is a large 19th century grey building with Gerogian style windows. A tarmac path leads up the building. There is a large green tree on the right hand side of the image and in the foreground is a blue sign with directions to different areas of the Thurles campus.
The Thurles campus is situated in the heart of Thurles Town
Students performing CATS on stage in the Lime Tree Theatre
There are lots of opportunities for MIC students to get involved in arts & cultural activities
Two male and one female students are pictured in a radio station. They are all wearing MIC branded clothing and large headphones. Also in the image is radio broadcasting equipment such as microphones and audio mixers.
Limerick's student radio station, Wired FM, is located on our Limerick campus
Two female students sit chatting on a bed in on campus accommodation at MIC Thurles
On campus accommodation at MIC Thurles provides students with a home away from home
Male and female students are pictured queuing for food in a canteen. A female worker is pictured behind a counter handing out a plate of food to a male student.
The MIC Canteen provides students with hot and cold food and drinks at discounted prices
One male and two female students wearing graduation robes and holding a hurl and the Liam McCarthy cup
Graduation is a momentous occasion where students celebrate their achievements with friends & family